Science Education Hamburg
last updated on Februar 26, 2010

physics · chemistry · biology · natural sciences

The metropolitan structure to enhance science education, diversify science instruction and promote public interest
In the framework of new federal standards for science education in Germany initiatives help students to gain competencies.

think scienceTell me and I will forget it,
Show me and I will remember it,
Let me participate and I will understand it.
(Ancient Chinese Wisdom)

Science Centers in the metropolitan area of Hamburg and beyond

School Physics for Hamburg and North Germany with all links to institutes, partners in research, industry and NGOs

Science Centers

Aviation Workshop for learning groups from Hamburg and North Germany (and guests)

Aviation at School: Follow-Me-Box

School Chemistry (Acetic Acid (Vinegar) - easy to remember...)

The Chemistry Pages, Prof. Blume, University of Bielefeld

If you feel a need to present an overview of the above activities in English please feel free to contact me by USA, USA


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